Our farm Harbakur is in North of Iceland by the artic circle.  Today and not for many years we don’t have any traditional farming there – we just handpick Eiderdown.  This place has beautiful nature and in summer we have also light all night.  Many birds have their nest at Harðbakur, not just the Eider duck.  We provide wild Eiders and other birds protction from predators, patrolling colonies day and sometime nights during nesting season.  A unique relationship has developed between Eiderfarmers and Eiders.  They trust each other.  The Eider duck can get very old. And due to that fact it will usually come to the same nest year after year. The Eider will get to know the people and the people to know the Eider.  The Eiderdown it pure nature production by wild duck. From this material we make the warmest duvets in the world.